Heart, Soul & Science Seminar

We are back from a highly engaging and transformational weekend speaking at the Heart Soul and Science Seminar in Southend. A few more to come this summer.  I’m also taking bookings for April 2018 and onwards. Contact us now about supporting and enriching the health of your team. Coming next; Cambridge, London, Birmingham, and then Southend again!

motivational speaker london
Richard Enion – Motivational Speaker


Speaking at the Wellbeing Now Seminar

A little trip to the UK for the summer has already seen a couple of talks, one of which was at the Wellbeing Now seminar in Southend, it’s one of the greatest health events in the UK!

I love speaking there (3 years in a row now) because the organisers have created a really connected and community vibe there, inclusive rather than exclusive.

Here are some pics of hot air blasting from my mouth having been projected from my mind:

Rich Enion speaking wellbeing now seminarRichard Enion speaking wellbeing now seminar

Really Happy to be in Colombia again!

Really happy to be in Bogota, Colombia, this country is so full of life! The people, the food, the culture.. the farms, the soil, the fruit, such an amazing country!

Working a lot on Enrichd.Org/Shop at the moment as well as DrummingTeamBuilding.co.uk keeping in touch with awesome clients while also drumming and recording in Bogota and getting ready for some corporate drumming workshops here too!

(The photos below are from an Organic coffee farm we visited… and a drumming team building event in the UK)

samba drumming team building london 3

richard enion coffee coffee farmer

Richard Enion – Corporate Health Speaker

2017 is your company’s year to really give a damn about the health and wellbeing of it’s employees, because with a few simple “ah ha” moments through Rich’s talks or workshops you can transform people’s lives.. Less mood swings, conflict and down time, more clarity, smiles and more productivity!